Misty Harbor Pontoon Boats 2085CS Biscayne Bay 2017
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Customize Your Misty Harbor Pontoon Boats 2085CS Biscayne Bay 2017
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Piranha MAX 170

Upgrade from mechanical; Rated to 150hp

Upgrade from mechanical; Rated to 300HP but recommended for motors 135HP and up

To be used with SeaStar; 200HP and above

Optional 1.8 Gallon Oil Tank

Includes Control Box, Cables, Wiring Harness and Switch Panel

Includes Control Box, Cables and Harness; Not for push to choke motors

Includes Control Box, Cables and Harness

Includes Control Box, Cables, Wiring Harness and Switch Panel

Includes Kicker KMC10 Deck, Subwoofer Amplifier, (4) Lighted Kicker Speakers and 10" Subwoofer

Upgrade from BayStar to SeaStar on Tripletoon

20' boats and up; Requires tilt steering


115ELPT FourStroke

115EXLPT FourStroke

115ELPT Command Thrust FourStroke

115EXLPT Command Thrust FourStroke

150L FourStroke

150XL FourStroke

150L Pro XS OptiMax

150XL Pro XS OptiMax

25EL FourStroke

25ELPT FourStroke

30ELPT FourStroke

30EL GA FourStroke

40EL GA FourStroke

40ELPT FourStroke

40ELPT Command Thrust (4 CYL) FourStroke

50ELPT FourStroke

50ELPT Command Thrust FourStroke

60ELPT FourStroke

60ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust

9.9EL FourStroke

9.9EL Bigfoot FourStroke

9.9ELPT BF Pro Kicker FourStroke

20EL FourStroke

15EL FourStroke

15ELPT FourStroke

15ELPT Pro Kicker

20ELPT FourStroke

JET 65ELPT FourStroke

75ELPT FourStroke

JET 80ELPT FourStroke

90ELPT FourStroke

90EXLPT FourStroke

90ELPT Command Thrust FourStroke

90EXLPT Command Thrust FourStroke


Snap-in Carpet; Requires Vinyl or Seagrass Upgrade

Taupe/Carpet Combination Aft or Bow


Vinyl Wrapped with Stainless Steel Cups

Seat Only

Installed with Seat Mount and 12" Extension

Color Accented Furniture (Charcoal, Wine, Navy)

Includes Gray Interior Package (Helm, Speakers, Furniture, Table, AVD Flooring

Non Reclining Seat Only

Clear/Black Inlay with Chrome Cup Holders


Requires Bumper


Volts, Tachometer

Volts, Tachometer, Speedo


Not available on Power Bimini option

Required with Recessed Dock Lights on Fish Models

Pair Installed

Pair Installed

Blue; Excludes Rod Rack and Tables



(4) silver speakers


Exchange for Standard Bimini

Requires Main Bimini with Zipper; for select models

Upgrade to Stainless Steel Ladder

Optional on models that have room


Includes Sealed Connectors; Stainless Steel Staples; Aluminum Rivets; Anodes; Tube Protectant; Saltwater Series Decals; Underdeck Wire Conduit

Ski Tow Bars

Fits most pontoon models

Fits Tripletoon; Able to be broken down for shipping

Transom Mounted


3rd log, Performance shield, (4) strakes and Baystar steering. Tripletoons are manufactured using 25" tubes with transom and requires 25" motor shafts.