Crossfit Class B Motorhome 22C 2019
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Customize Your Crossfit Class B Motorhome 22C 2019
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Includes: 600 Amp Lithionics lithium battery, 2nd under hood alternator, multi-stage volt regulator, battery management system, Xantres 3,000 Freedom SW invertor/charger, Freedom SW COM box and battery monitor (2.8kw gas generator not included with Li3 lithium battery option)


Includes: Power armless awning with wind sensor and LED lighting, rear screen/shade, side screen door, truma combination (furnace/water heater), 2.8kw gas generator (not available with Li3 lithium battery option), microwave, fantastic fan with rain sensor, 2-burner LP cooktop, low-profile 13,500 A/C, Sumo spring suspension kit

Includes: 12 Volt 22" LED TV, LED lighting, 100 Watt solar panel with dual charging, backup camera, USB ports, ground effect lighting, Wifi Ranger

Includes: Firefly Multiplex, 2,000 Watt Xantres inverter with auto generator start