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  Model Name MSRP Invoice
  Carver Yachts C36 Command Bridge 2018 $377,740.00 $309,747.00
  Carver Yachts C37 Coupe 2018 $401,085.00 $329,959.00
  Carver Yachts C40 Command Bridge 2018 $509,005.00 $419,319.00
  Carver Yachts C43 Coupe 2018 $590,790.00 $489,301.00
  Carver Yachts C52 Fly Command Bridge 2018 $983,105.00 $809,593.00
  Carver Yacht C52 Coupe 2018 $1,040,395.00 $854,201.00
  Carver Yachts C34 Coupe 2018 $335,715.00 $269,883.00

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