Research To Buy A New Boat


Research to buy a new boat!
By SDC Staff Writer



Over the weekend I visited yet another wonderful in water boat show.  As my family and I walked the docks and were checking out all of the beautiful boats in the water, we met a couple who was looking to buy their first boat.  As I started speaking to them, they explained how confused they were by all the different models, pricing, engine packages etc.  It was then, when they asked me my opinion on what they should buy.



I explained that there are so many great resources such as See Dealer Cost on the web that they should check out.  If you are in the market for a new boat, the sites listed below are good resources to help you with your decision. 



Boat Test for walk through videos of the specific model

NADA for new and used boat values

Any and all marine publications.  There are so many great ones our there
Your local marine certified dealer.  Please see the list on our website to find the closet dealer to you.



Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The selling dealer should be as helpful as possible.  Check out the above sites and make sure that you are educated when looking to buy a boat.  There is nothing worse then buying the wrong type of boat, the wrong engine size for what you want to do, or a boat that is to small for where you want to do most of your boating.



For those of you who just purchased boats, what resources did you use?  Which ones did you find helpful?  Did I miss any?

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